Malaysian Transport Ministry plans to install EBS in heavy vehicles

AB Express Bus
AB Express Bus

Malaysian Transport Ministry plans to install Electronic Braking System (EBS) in heavy vehicles, as reported by BERNAMA. They said it is for detecting offences committed by the driver. The matter is currently bveing discussed with the Road Safety Department, according to the ministry’s deputy minister.

The news article does not explain in detail on what EBS actually does. We did a little bit of research on the internet and we found out that the device is used to control vehicle’s braking system. If the device mentioned by the deputy minister fits our description, then it will be great addition to heavy vehicles on the road. This is because they are often seen driven beyond their lawful speed limit (80 km/h to 90 km/h along major highways). By having such device, preventive measures will be taken automatically, reducing efforts on enforcement and also helps sleepy drivers who often drive beyond the vehicle’s speed limit without realizing it.

We are in for any measures taken to ensure better safety of road users. However, the implementation process should be transparent and fair enough to cater the curiosity of concerned citizens.

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