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Welcome to Rail Malaysia. This website is intended to deliver the latest information and updates about Malaysian rail transport industry to you, with proper facts and figures.


General History

It all started with a noble desire, which is to provide up to date and reliable information about transport sector in Malaysia.

The domain name landasan.info was online since 13 April 2010. On May 5th 2010, LANDASAN was launched. It started with a WordPress 2.x platform, with only several visits per day. We realize that there are very few reliable websites offering information about transportation sector in Malaysia, especially for services provided by KTM Berhad (KTM Intercity and KTM Komuter).

Access to KTMB’s website was really slow at that time and as travellers, we often find it difficult to get more information about the arrival and departure times of KTM Intercity. Therefore, we have decided to develop this niche further and LANDASAN was born.

LANDASAN started out as a website focusing primarily on KTM Intercity service. However, we decided it is better if we also offer information about other modes of transport, with the main emphasis on Malaysia. After months of hard work, LANDASAN has also listed all airports in Malaysia, complete with departure and arrival information.

Originally, LANDASAN was available in the Malay language. However, in 2011, we decided to change it to English to serve a wider range of audience. That decision was the best one that we can think of, until about a year later. In 2012, based on search trends on search engines, we told ourselves we need it to be in both Malay and English languages. Therefore, we moved our Malay contents to ms.landasan.info and the English one remained at landasan.info.

In 2018, we think it is time for English-based LANDASAN to branch out of the original URL, leaving only Malay Language content in LANDASAN. The desire to open Rail Malaysia for access has turned into a reality on February 5th 2018. The website is intended to serve as an English-based website for Malaysian rail industry.




LANDASAN was established to be the leading provider of travel and transport information, especially about transport sector in Malaysia. Founded on May 5th 2010, LANDASAN is still relatively more recent compared to other websites. With enormous support from our readers, we hope to be the trendsetter in transport information provider by 2015.



LANDASAN was established to fill in transport information segment in Malaysia and to fulfil consumers’ demand for a reliable and up-to-date information about transport sector in Malaysia.



Information about Malaysian railway industry in English language



Since its establishment in 2010, LANDASAN has provided information to its users in various ways. However, with the constant drive to stay focused, we decided to group certain information together and put them in a number of different websites for easier reference. Here are some of the spin-offs:

Aviation.MY (www.aviation.my): Information about aviation industry in Malaysia

MYJadual (www.myjadual.com): #1 web portal for public transport schedule in Malaysia

Rail Malaysia (www.railmalaysia.com): Information about Malaysian railway sector in the English language

Transport Malaysia (www.transportmalaysia.com): Information about Malaysian road transport sector