New RapidKL Greater Kuala Lumpur Bus Network

With the introduction of the new RapidKL Greater Kuala Lumpur bus network, the company surrendered some of its routes to other operators listed as below.


RapidKL bus route change. Source: RapidKL Twitter


New Bus Network for Greater Kuala Lumpur

Effective December 1st 2015, RapidKL has revamped its bus network, dividing the bus network into eight corridors, namely

  1. Ampang Corridor
  2. Sg Besi Corridor
  3. Lebuhraya Persekutuan Corridor
  4. Jalan Ipoh Corridor
  5. Cheras Corridor
  6. Klang Lama Corridor
  7. Damansara Corridor
  8. Jalan Pahang Corridor
RapidKL New Bus Network Announcement
RapidKL New Bus Network Announcement

The announcement came in quite late, considering the number of commuters using the service daily.

More information is available on RapidKL website, which is accessible at

Electronic Toll Collection at SMART Tunnel beginning 1 Sep 2015

Beginning 1 September 2015, SMART Tunnel will practice electronic toll collection only. By abolishing cash toll collection, the move is to help alleviate traffic problems commonly faced at the tunnel.

Similar move can also be seen by AKLEH, which also will abolish cash toll collection at some of its toll plaza.

GST on Public Transport Services in Malaysia

Effective April 1st 2015, Malaysian Government through Royal Malaysian Customs Department, RMCD (Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia, JKDM) will charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) for most products and services offered.

Question: Will there be any GST charge on public transport services?

Answer: No, there will be no GST incurred on public transport services.

Public transport services in Malaysia include KTM Komuter, ETS, KLIA Transit, KLIA Ekspres, taxi and bus services.

Exception: Air transport services

GST will be charged for the following:

  1. Malaysian carrier, domestic flights
  2. Malaysian carrier, international-bound flights from Malaysia

Foreign carriers are not subjected to GST.

One Way Loop (OWL) in PJ to Ease Congestion

One-way traffic has been in place for so many years in certain areas of large cities to ease out congestion. Some users might need to travel longer. However, the collective benefit is clear. Road users can brake and stop less, reducing wastage of petrol.

Some resistance from local residents and business owners is expected, especially those who are comfortable with previous two-way road system. While complaints are inevitable, we must ensure that collectively, road users should not be burdened by congestion problem, especially when there is a better solution for it. The proposed plan was first surfaced in August 2003 but only recently it was carried out due to various reasons.

The road involved is Jalan Barat, Jalan Utara, Jalan Timor and Jalan Sultan.