Hospital Kuala Lumpur MRT Station

Hospital Kuala Lumpur MRT Station: Accessible Healthcare and Urban Living

Hospital Kuala Lumpur MRT Station serves as a vital transportation hub, providing convenient access to one of Malaysia’s premier healthcare facilities. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, this station offers seamless connectivity to nearby residential neighborhoods and bustling commercial areas. Discover the public transport options, explore the vibrant residential enclaves, and experience the dynamic urban lifestyle surrounding Hospital Kuala Lumpur MRT Station.

This MRT station serves MRT Putrajaya Line.

Hospital Kuala Lumpur MRT Station – Service Information and Schedule

Click here for service information and schedule on MYJadual.

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RapidKL Customer Service Channels

To reach customer service for RapidKL Malaysia, you have several convenient options available. RapidKL is a major public transportation service provider in Malaysia, operating buses, trains, and light rail transit systems in the Klang Valley area. Here’s how you can contact their customer service:

  1. Hotline: RapidKL has a dedicated hotline number that you can call to speak with a customer service representative. Dial 03-78852585 to reach their hotline. This option allows for direct interaction and immediate assistance.
  2. Email: If you prefer written communication, you can send an email to RapidKL’s customer service email address at [email protected]. Describe your query, issue, or suggestion in detail, and the customer service team will respond to your email in a timely manner.
  3. Social Media: RapidKL maintains an active presence on social media platforms such as Facebook (RapidKL), Twitter (@myrapidkl), and Instagram (@myrapid). You can reach out to them by sending direct messages or posting your concerns publicly. Their social media team is responsive and strives to address customer inquiries promptly.
  4. RapidKL Website: Visit the official RapidKL website ( for information and assistance. The website provides comprehensive details about routes, schedules, fares, promotions, and service updates. Additionally, they have an online feedback form where you can submit your queries or feedback.
  5. RapidKL Customer Service Centers: For in-person assistance, RapidKL has customer service centers located at various strategic locations, including transit hubs and major stations. Visit one of these centers to speak with a customer service representative face-to-face. They can provide information, assistance, or resolve any issues you may have.

When contacting RapidKL’s customer service, it is helpful to provide relevant details such as your name, contact information, specific inquiry, and any relevant ticket or journey details. This information assists the customer service team in understanding and addressing your concern more effectively.

Remember, customer service representatives are there to assist you and provide the best possible service. Be polite, patient, and clearly communicate your concerns to ensure a smooth and satisfactory resolution.

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