KTM Intercity

KTM Intercity (also known in Malay Language as KTM Antarabandar) is one of the passenger service offered by KTM Berhad (KTMB). One source said the most profitable KTM Intercity is the route between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Other than regular KTM Intercity, KTM Berhad also has ETS and Komuter for passenger transport.



More information about the history of KTM Berhad and KTM Intercity can be found on CPDX. CPDX is a site containing corporate profiles for companies and statutory bodies.


Stations / Stops

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Fare information

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Rolling stock

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KTM Intercity coach types

  • ABC – Buffet coach. The whole coach is for the cafeteria.
  • AEC – Economy class. Seats are less comfy compared to ASC but it justifies the extremely low price. Suitable for students.
  • AFC – First Class Seat, seating layout is twin seat plus single seat per row. Suitable for those with bigger build and people seeking more comfort. AFC
  • ASC – Seating second class. With space as wide as the economy class but it promises more legroom. Those who have bigger body size but don’t want to use sleeper berth, better consider to travel in ASC. However, for most people, I would like to recommend ADNS (second class sleeper berth) over ASC because you only pay a few ringgits extra and can wake up refreshed the following day.
  • ADNS – Sleeper berth second class. It provides you with a comfy sleeping experience. Upper berth fares are few ringgits lower than lower berth. Use lower berth if you have trouble climbing up the mini stairs.
  • ADNF – two sleeper berths in one cabin. Dubbed as first-class air-cond day night, this is the best class for travel, apart from SELESA coach.


Future plans

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  1. KTMB official website