Transnasional Review: Forget Your Comfort


I was on Transnasional bus trip from Putrajaya to a northern state last night. Overall experience was not a good one though. The bus is supposed to depart at 10:00 PM but the driver begin the journey 2 minutes before scheduled time. While passengers are reminded to be at boarding platform 20 minutes before departure time, I think it is not right for a bus company to depart before its scheduled time.

The bus is from their newest fleet, with 2+1 seating. In-seat USB port is available. Therefore, you do not have to worry about charging your smartphone during long (and tiring) journey.

At the bus counter, the bus service is advertised as having speed limiter. It is a nice addition, considering the fact that many accidents happen due to excessive speed. However, the bus was too fast in city area, sometimes getting to almost 90 km/h in KL roads. This can be very dangerous to vehicles around it as well as the bus itself.

Konsortium Transnasional Berhad (KTB) has been operating Transnasional since a long time ago and this is not supposed to happen. Many other bus companies provide better riding experience.

We look forward to have continued improvement effort by Transnasional.