KTM ETS (Electric Train Service) is part of the intercity rail service provided by KTM Intercity, a division under Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad – KTMB. The first commercial run was done on August 12th 2010, after several times of postponement. ETS used to run from Ipoh all the way to Seremban.

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KTM Berhad Customer Service

You can reach out to KTM Berhad using the following communication channels:

Phone number (call center): +60 3 2267 1200

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: https://www.ktmb.com.my

Facebook page (https://web.facebook.com/ktmberhad): As of 8 May 2020, their Facebook page has 131,062 likes and 146,385 followers.

Twitter (https://twitter.com/ktm_berhad): As of 8 May 2020, their Twitter page has more than 49,700 followers.

Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/ktmbofficial): As of 8 May 2020, their Instagram page has over 33,300 followers and 2,207 posts.

YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/KTMBRailChannel): As of 8 May 2020, their YouTube page has 756 subscribers. The first video was posted on 14 July 2019.


Previously, ETS was operated by a wholly-owned subsidiary of KTM Berhad, which is ET Sdn Bhd. According to KTM Chairman, Dr. Aminuddin Adnan, the establishment of ET as KTMB’s subsidiary would be able to nurture an environment that is more conducive to enhancing productivity and discipline.

Here are some key milestones in the development of KTM Berhad’s Electric Train Service (ETS) in Malaysia:

  1. 2010: Introduction of ETS: KTM Berhad launched the ETS service, offering a new and improved train travel experience for passengers in Malaysia.
  2. 2015: Extension to Padang Besar: The ETS service expanded its route to Padang Besar, a border town in Perlis, providing a convenient connection between Malaysia and Thailand.
  3. 2016: Double Tracking Project: KTM Berhad initiated the double tracking project to enhance the ETS service’s efficiency and capacity, enabling faster and more frequent train services.
  4. 2019: New Trainsets: KTM Berhad introduced new state-of-the-art trainsets for the ETS service, featuring modern amenities, increased comfort, and improved reliability.
  5. 2020: Electrification of Northern Line: The electrification of the northern line, including the ETS route, was completed, enabling faster and more environmentally friendly train operations.
  6. 2021: ETS2 and ETS3 Services: KTM Berhad launched the ETS2 and ETS3 services, further expanding the ETS network and providing more travel options for passengers.
  7. 2022: Integration with Digital Platforms: KTM Berhad integrated the ETS service with digital platforms, allowing passengers to easily book tickets, check schedules, and receive real-time updates through online channels.

These milestones signify the continuous development and improvement of KTM Berhad’s ETS service, enhancing connectivity and providing a reliable transportation option for travelers in Malaysia.


Work as partners to make ETS a dominant player in the transportation industry by redefining values in commuting.


  • ETS will always engage our partners in all the workings and planning of the company to achieve the maximum contribution from the partners.
  • We will at all times keep the customer confidence by working at the top of our personal and professional performance levels.
  • We will do our absolute best to provide each and every customer with only the highest integrity, trust, love, teamwork, fun and energy, smile and innovation in providing the best customer service and timeliness on every trip “ABSOLUTELY”.

Stations / stops

Padang Besar
Bukit Ketri
Anak Bukit
Alor Setar
Sungai Petani
Tasek Gelugor
Bukit Mertajam
Padang Rengas
Kuala Kangsar
Sungai Siput
Batu Gajah
Tapah Road
Slim River
Kuala Kubu Bharu
Batang Kali
Sungai Buloh
Kepong Sentral
Kuala Lumpur
Bandar Tasek Selatan
Pulau Sebang/Tampin

Fare Information

Please refer to KTMB official website for fare information.

Rolling stock

KTMB uses KTM Class 91 and KTM Class 92 for its ETS service. Five trainsets were purchased by KTM for USD 67 million. Each trainset has six cars and all trainsets are currently operational. It is designed by Marubeni Corporation and jointly built by Hyundai Rotem of Korea and Mitsubishi Electric of Japan. It can travel up to 160 km/h although its operational speed is 140 km/h.

Facilities provided onboard ETS

  1. 240 V power outlet for laptops and mobile devices
  2. Cafeteria
  3. Restrooms
  4. CCTV system in every coach
  5. LED TV
  6. Baggage placement sections provided.
  7. Disabled-friendly trains


  1. KTM Berhad website – fare and schedule