Overnight Experience at KL Sentral – 14 October 2014

So I missed my Skybus shuttle bus to KLIA2. The next bus departs at 3 AM and I am now stranded in KL Sentral for almost three hours.

KL Sentral used to be more interesting than before. Now, there is nothing much to do during midnight. 7-Eleven is the only convenience store that is opened.

#FAIL No. 1: Cheque Deposit Down for temporary? For temporary? For temporary?

Seriously CIMB, who did you hire to be your clerk? I hope they are not your banker.

Apparently, McD is also closed from 12 midnight to 6 AM for “maintenance” purposes. I doubt that. There’s nothing going on in the restaurant (apparently), only loud music can be heard.

#FAIL No. 2: It will be closed until 14 MARCH 2014. Hmmm, are we watching Back to the Future?

#FAIL No. 3: CANNOT BE ACEPTED. Acepted. Acepted. What is acepted? It sounds like “Inception” for me.

#WIN: I have finally found a good place to sit and a table to do my reading and writing. #WIN #WIN #WIN.

Meals Station is a kopitiam-style restaurant in KL Sentral. There is no operating hours stated directly at the outlet. However, it looks like it opens for 24 hours. Cheap drinks mostly start at RM 3.50 so be prepared to pay extra.

Power outlets are also available for those who are seeking to charge their electronic gadgets.