KTM Class 92 EMU

KTM Class 92 Trainset (SCS 26)

The KTM Class 92 is a type of electric multiple unit (EMU) introduced by Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) for its KTM Komuter service.

KTM Class 92 Trainset (SCS 26)
KTM Class 92 Trainset (SCS 26)

The trainset is commonly known as SCS, indicating it is designed to be in six-car formation.


In service:March 2012 until present
Manufacturer:Zhu Zhou Electric Locomotives Co Ltd
Built at:CSR Zhuzhou Electric Plant,China
Constructed:2010 – 2012
Number built:228 cars (38 trainsets)
Formation:Six cars per trainset
Capacity:1118 passengers (328 seats)
Operator:Keretapi Tanah Melayu
Depots:Batu Gajah Rail Depot
Sentul Komuter Depot
Tanjung Malim Staging Area
New Seremban Kommuter Depot (Sept 2013)
Car body construction:Aluminum
Trainset length:138.6 m
Car Length:23.7 m (end car)
Width:2.75 m
Height:4 m
Doors:2 single-leaf sliding plug doors per side
Maximum speed:160 km/h (Design), 140 km/h (Service)
Weight:231.8 tonnes
Electric system(s):25kV AC 50Hz catenary
Current collection method:Pantograph (rail)
Gauge:Metre gauge


KTM Komuter: Facilities onboard includes the electronic display of stops and power outlet.


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