Pan Borneo Highway

Pan Borneo Highway, also known as Trans Borneo Highway is a highway system connecting two Malaysian states in Borneo island, namely Sarawak and Sabah. Its ends are Sematan, Sarawak and Serudong, Sabah.


Technical Details

Cost: RM 27 billion

Total length: 1,663 km (936 km in Sarawak and 727 km in Sabah)



March 31st 2015: Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak has announced that there will be no toll charge for Pan Borneo Highway [source]

January 2nd 2012: Sarawak Deputy Works Minister, Datuk Yong Khoon Seng announced that a comprehensive study will be carried out by the Public Works Department to upgrade Kuching – Limbang stretch of the highway totaling about 800 km.