Intercity Express Bus

Intercity Express buses cater the travel needs for people in Peninsular Malaysia. The distinctive feature of them is they provide large cargo service, such as shipment of motorcycles. Besides, it is one of (very) few bus operators that has Wi-Fi access onboard.

Company Background

“The Intercity Coach drivers and staff take prides in rendering professional services to our customers, and offer best conveniences whenever possible. Intercity Coach welcomes customers’ constructive comment and always strikes for continual improvement of the services. Customers’ satisfaction of our services is our key objective.” –


“The mission of Intercity Coach company is to provide a safe, comfortable and on time transportation to our passengers. Of which, SAFETY is the number one priority of our company. The Management and Staff of Intercity Coach is committed to achieving the mission through systematically approach in the day to day operations. The company has invested in operating a fleet of safe, modern and luxury buses, and operations in strict adherence to the traffic rules, perform quality routine maintenance and training of its drivers and operations staff.” –

Onboard Amenities

  • ASTRO satellite TV service
  • Individual plug points
  • Wi-Fi: Intercity uses Maxis Broadband as its Wi-Fi service. The broadband service is bound to limited quota with throttled speed after finishing the allocated amount of data. The service quality for passengers is not good with intermittent disconnection. This is probably because the cellular connection is designed for personal use, not to be shared by 30 people.

Contact Information

  • Hotline: +6012-470-3155

Carrying Motorcycles on Intercity Bus

Please proceed to the ticketing counter to ask about motorcycle delivery onboard Intercity coach buses.

Intercity Bus Fleet

The bus fleet is listed by their registration number.

  • DBS 7799
  • DBS 9977
  • KCV 5577
  • KCV 5588
  • KDN 9988
  • KDQ 9933