MRT Service Disruption: What It Means for Us

Petaling Jaya, September 28th 2017 – MRT Sungai Buloh – Kajang  Line (SBK Line) was suspended temporarily after a man ran into the train track area. The shutdown happened on Tuesday evening as commuters are getting back from work.

The inevitable shutdown of train service has to take place due to safety concerns. Other than making sure that the area is safe for trains and passengers, the authorities also need to suspend the MRT service in order to catch the intruder. Fortunately, the police have managed to apprehend the intruder. However, his identity and motive remained undisclosed.

While commuters may be angry due to the unscheduled service suspension, we need to keep in mind that this is done with passengers’ safety in mind. The person may not be in his right state of mind, or he can possibly have malicious intent.

History has shown how much unprepared we were during times of emergency. In the aviation industry, everyone can learn from MH 370 incident when a commercial aeroplane which was supposed to leave our airspace, came back flying above Penang and disappeared until today. Therefore, although the inconvenience can be troublesome for passengers, it is done as a necessary measure to ensure the safety of everyone.


Source: The Star