Face Masks No Longer Mandatory for Most at Public Transport and Hospitals from 5 July 2023

face mask on blue background

The health minister, Dr Zaliha Mustafa, said that people won’t have to wear face masks on public transport or in hospitals after July 5. But they are still required for people who have Covid-19 and for health care workers who follow procedures for preventing infections. People who are at a high risk, such as those in crowded or poorly ventilated places, those with signs of a respiratory illness, and people who take public transportation, are strongly encouraged to wear masks. The minister announced these less strict Covid-19 rules today.

Also, starting July 5, the quarantine period for Covid-19 patients will go from seven days after the first sign of illness to five. Dr. Zaliha also extended Malaysia’s status as an infected area until December 31, even though the situation with Covid-19 has gotten better. This was done under the Prevention of Infectious Diseases Act. This extension is meant to deal with the possibility that new types and subtypes of Covid-19 could appear in Malaysia. Also, the upcoming Aidiladha celebrations and state elections could bring a lot of people together, which could lead to an increase in cases and put a strain on the public health system if preventive measures are not taken. The health ministry will continue to keep a close eye on Covid-19 and respond quickly to any changes that are reported, if needed.

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