Is Strobe Light Legal in Malaysia?

Most of the road users are familiar with strobe light usage on road vehicles. While the usage is more common among law enforcement and emergency vehicles, we are also able to see its usage among vehicles that appear like private ones. In this article, we will try to uncover the age-old question of Is Strobe Light Legal in Malaysia.

Is Strobe Light Legal in Malaysia?

Short answer is, if you are driving a private vehicle and thinking of using strobe light, no you can’t. Malaysian police is actively monitoring the traffic rule violation and offenders will be dealt with accordingly.

The rakyats in general are not into reading traffic laws one by one. However, visiting the website of enforcement agencies in Malaysia can be a headache as well. As such, we are left with limited options. If you are not sure on which rule you may violate on the road, feel free to reach out to your local law enforcement officers and verify with them.


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