Receipt at Touch ‘N Go Lanes

If you need to retrieve receipts at toll plazas, then it might be cumbersome for you if you use Touch ‘N Go or Smart Tag regularly.

It is because if you need receipt, you are left with the following options:

  1. Take receipts at cash lanes
  2. Take receipts at Touch ‘N Go reload lanes

Both of these lanes are also used by 1) Customers paying by cash and 2) Customers reloading their Touch ‘N Go cards.

Therefore, presence of automated receipt dispensing machine is really appreciated. As shown in the picture above, there is a machine to dispense receipts at Touch ‘N Go lanes. This one is seen at westbound Batu Tiga toll plaza. No similar lane can be seen at eastbound one though.

We hope highway concessionnaires can come up with at least one of these lanes at major highways soon. It can surely eliminate congestion at cash and reload lanes.

Electronic Toll Collection at SMART Tunnel beginning 1 Sep 2015

Beginning 1 September 2015, SMART Tunnel will practice electronic toll collection only. By abolishing cash toll collection, the move is to help alleviate traffic problems commonly faced at the tunnel.

Similar move can also be seen by AKLEH, which also will abolish cash toll collection at some of its toll plaza.

Causeway Toll Hike – Untimely Move by Malaysian Highway Authority

Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA)’s decision to propose an excessive toll hike for vehicles entering and exiting Johor-Singapore Causeway is deemed to be one of the most unpopular decision in 2014. Apparently, the decision is not announced within enough time, leaving commuters largely surprised by the increase.

The toll hike was first announced on July 26th 2014 and many parties think the decision was hastily made without considering careful study of public opinion. The impact of 480% increase, the highest ever in Malaysian toll history, can be adverse. Regular commuters, commercial and industrial sectors are set to be the one that is mostly affected.

Malaysians and Singaporeans travel to either country because of many reasons. Some of Malaysians work in Singapore while continue to stay in Malaysia, largely due to lower cost of living in Malaysia. Singaporeans also often travel to Malaysia for shopping and buying groceries due to lower prices in Malaysia. The increase in toll rate will surely affect how citizens from both countries travel.