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Receipt at Touch ‘N Go Lanes

If you need to retrieve receipts at toll plazas, then it might be cumbersome for you if you use Touch ‘N Go or Smart Tag regularly.

It is because if you need receipt, you are left with the following options:

  1. Take receipts at cash lanes
  2. Take receipts at Touch ‘N Go reload lanes

Both of these lanes are also used by 1) Customers paying by cash and 2) Customers reloading their Touch ‘N Go cards.

Therefore, presence of automated receipt dispensing machine is really appreciated. As shown in the picture above, there is a machine to dispense receipts at Touch ‘N Go lanes. This one is seen at westbound Batu Tiga toll plaza. No similar lane can be seen at eastbound one though.

We hope highway concessionnaires can come up with at least one of these lanes at major highways soon. It can surely eliminate congestion at cash and reload lanes.

RM 0.50 Touch N Go Reload Fee at RapidKL Counters

We tried to reload our Touch ‘N Go card in late 2019 at a RapidKL counter in KL Sentral Monorail Station. We thought there will be no reload fee imposed to Touch ‘N Go customer. Unfortunately, RapidKL has imposed a reload fee of RM 0.50 to us.

While the government is trying to help its people by not adding to the burden of reloading Touch ‘N Go, some providers are still charging the customers for reload fee. This adds the burden for the customers, especially the ones who are not able to put a huge sum to reload their cards, such as RM 100.00 or RM 200.00 reload amount at once.

Apart from the reloading fee, Touch ‘N Go customers are also at the mercy of the providers when they need to pay extra for certain services. The occurrence is also common at shopping mall car parks. The parking operators are charging up to 10% additional parking fee as “fee for convenience” since the customers are able to pay using their Touch ‘N Go and avoid queuing up at the autopay machines.

The business owners and service providers are always looking for opportunities for them to make extra profits. Therefore, we are not able to blame them at an entirety for this predicament. This is when the government needs to step in and ensure it serves the best interests of the customers.

For latest information on public transport schedules, visit – Malaysian Public Transport Schedule Information.

Touch ‘N Go Hub, KL Sentral

Touch 'N Go Hub KL Sentral 2014-09-28 17.52.28
Touch ‘N Go Hub KL Sentral 2014-09-28 17.52.28

Touch ‘N Go has an outlet in KL Sentral for customer service matters. Other than the usual card purchase and reload there, customers can report lost/stolen card and retrieve their balance back.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday: 8:30 AM to 1 PM

Sunday: CLOSED

Update 17 April 2020: The hub at KL Sentral is closed. Please visit their hub in NU Sentral instead.

Touch ‘N Go

Touch ‘N Go is prepaid contactless card service offered by Touch ‘N Go Sdn. Bhd. It is based on PHILIPS’s MiFARE contactless card technology. Under normal usage, Touch ‘N Go cards are designated to last for 10 years (about 64000 transactions).


When it was first introduced, Touch N’ Go Card usage is limited to expressways users only. During this time, only those who are privileged and travel often can be seen with this card.


  1. RapidKL
  2. Ampang Line
  3. Kelana Jaya Line
  4. KL Monorail
  5. KTM Komuter



Touch ‘N Go can be used in all major highways in Malaysia.



Some food outlets offer Touch ‘N Go payment system.



  • Selected petrol stations (Reload fee RM 0.50)
  • Selected Maybank ATMs (Reload fee: RM 0.50, minimum reload RM 50.00)
  • Selected CIMB ATMs (Reload fee: RM 0.50, minimum reload RM 50.00)
  • Touch ‘N Go Hub (KL Sentral, first floor)
  • Reload lanes at toll plazas (be alert of its operating time, usually not open during nightttime)

Touch ‘N Go Hub, KL Sentral

Touch ‘N Go Hub is a Touch ‘N Go outlet located at KL Sental (first floor). Among the services offered in this outlets are:

  • Purchase – SmartTAG, Touch ‘N Go
  • Reload – Touch ‘N Go
  • Customer service
  • Loss of card report (just fill in the form given and you will get your credit refund mailed to you)
  • General enquiries about Touch ‘N Go

Author’s Note

Source: Touch ‘N Go website, experience.